Jetdrop Pro allows you to customize the look and feel of your Pro page by choosing an award winning background image from or gallery, or by uploading your own.

After logging into your Pro page, go to the top right and click the settings cog. Then click "Team Settings"

You will now see the Team Settings page that will allow you to change all of the settings associated with your Team and Pro page.

One of these settings is "Background & Design", which allows you to change the background of your page. On the right you can choose from a selection of images from our gallery. Alternatively, clicking the plus + button will allow you to upload your own background image to style your page to suit your brand.

Jetdrop Pro supports backgrounds in both JPEG and PNG formats, 8MB maximum size, and up to 5 custom backgrounds per pro page.

We recommend using the smallest possible background size, while keeping the highest resolution possible, to ensure your users experience maximum performance.