Jetdrop Pro has some really powerful features to track and manage shared files. You are able to share uploads with secure links and email recipients, adding passwords and changing the expiry times.

Each share can be managed after it is shared. Ever sent the last "final" version? With Jetdrop Pro you can easily set a share to be expired after it has been sent, giving you and your team ultimate control over your uploads.

To get started, double click on an upload to view its statistics.

Above photo is a screenshot of a Stats page of an Upload called 'Client Design File'

Under the "Shared To" section you can see the current shares for the given upload.

Removing a Share

You are able to remove a share link by clicking the 'X' button next to each share. This will remove the share and disable access to the upload for whomever had received that share link.

This image outlines the share removal button.

Once a share to an upload is removed it can not be recovered.

Changing a Share Expire Time

You are able to manage the expiry time for each share link of an upload. Simply click the expiry of the share to change it.

This image outlines the expiry time for the share. 

After clicking the expiry time, you will be able to change it to a more suitable time.

This image shows the expiry options for each share.

Choosing each of these options will set the expiry of this share from today.

Adding Passwords to Shares

Passwords currently can only be added to shares before they are created or sent. This is because the share link is created then encrypted with your password. This not only provides an additional protection for the data, but also for the encryption key for the download.

Password protecting a share will secure its encryption key with your password. Users accessing your file via that share link will not be able to know the encryption key, as it is protected by your password.