When sharing a file through Jetdrop Lite, simply click on the plus sign, choose your desired file, and then click open.

Click to Upload a file to Jetdrop

This will start to encrypt and upload the document to Jetdrop lite. As this is happening, a dynamic key is being generated for your encrypted file. This is what you send to the receiver for them to be able to download your selected file.

Now you'll want to decide how you would like to send that key – you can copy the link, email direct, or use a social network.

There is also an option at this point to add a password for extra security. This adds a password to your dynamic key such that the receiver would have to know the password to gain access to the key for the file.

When you have sent the key, the receiver can then use that link to be directed to Jetdrop Lite, and subsequently download your file. It's as easy as that!