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Sharing a file through Jetdrop

When sharing a file through Jetdrop Lite, simply click on the plus sign, choose your desired file, and then click open. Click to Upload a file to Jetdrop This will start to encrypt and upload the document to Jetdrop lite. As this is happening, a dynamic key is being generated

Is the an upload size limit?

Yes, 10GB is the size limit. You can share as many files and folders as long as it's below 10GB.

How many files can I share with one transfer?

Jetdrop supports moving 1,000 files all at once using our intelligent file zipping system. If uploading multiple files, they are zipped into a single file on your device before being uploaded.

How do I add a password to an upload?

When you upload a file to be shared through Jetdrop, there is an option below the generated key to add a password. Create your own unique password which will apply only to that single upload. When you share the link for that file, the receiver will be prompted to enter

I have lost my encryption key - how can I recover it?

If you lose the encryption key before sharing it to another device, then it is lost and you will need to re-upload to generate a new one. This is because Jetdrop creates new and dynamic keys for every single upload and no two keys will ever be the same. But

UPDATE - Can I delete a file uploaded to Jetdrop?

When a file is uploaded to Jetdrop Lite, it is stored for 7 days before automatically being removed. There is no way to request it to be taken down, however the only people that can access the upload will be whoever had the encryption key which was generated when the

I just shared a file - how long is it available online?

With Jetdrop Lite, your shared files are online for 7 days before they are automatically removed. Once your files have expired they are unrecoverable – there is no way we, nor anyone else, can ever recover them.

Is Jetdrop safe and secure?

We use AES 256-bit encryption to secure all transfers. Our custom end-to-end encryption service ensures your data is fully secured even before it reaches the internet. During transit, your data is also protected using SSL security on all connections back to our servers.

How do I recover a shared file after is has been removed?

Unfortunately you cannot recover deleted files. Once the lifetime of the file is up, it is permanently gone.

Need help?

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